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The No Bill Fair Use Policy

Everything you need to know about the No Bill Fair Use Policy

Your baseline refers to the total you spent on your past energy bills - before the extra 20% allowance Reposit provides on top of that!

Your baseline is calculated as an annual figure, in kilowatt-hours. The Sales and Product team would have determined your precise baseline through consulting with you about your past energy bills. 

Your No Bill system has therefore been tailored to your home to let you use 120% of your past energy usage (your baseline plus the extra 20%). 


How does this work on a month-by-month basis?

Because households tend to use different amounts of energy at different times of the year, we aim to make the monthly allowances reflective of typical energy use in the different seasons, based on your geographical region. 

In any calendar month, you can use up to 120% of your monthly allowance.


What happens if I exceed my monthly allowance?

If you exceed your 120% cap in a month, this becomes your first of three “strikes”. Don’t worry in the first instance - our team will reach out to you to help you understand how it occurred and how you can avoid it happening again.

Both baseline monitoring and notification processes are being rolled out to help you keep an eye on your energy usage and ration your allowance across the month effectively. 

While it rarely happens, should a No Bill member exceed their monthly allowance three times, they face expulsion from the No Bill program as per our Terms and Conditions with you. Your system at the point of sale would not have been designed to offset usage beyond your baseline - however, we will always work with you to offer hardware increases that can manage this usage or another solution before resorting to expulsion.


How is usage calculated?

We gather data from your solar battery system, and calculate how much energy you are consuming in your home. What your usage isn't is the amount of energy drawn from the grid. Before you had your No Bill solar and battery installed, all of your energy use would have come from the grid and appeared as consumption on your electricity bill, but once you get solar, things get a little more complicated - excess energy can flow into the grid, and your consumed energy could come from your solar, your battery, or the grid. 


What if I already had solar before purchasing No Bill?

If you already had solar panels, then the baseline you were given for your consumption should reflect that by giving you a bigger baseline. You might be accustomed to trying to use more power when the sun is shining - as far as the No Bill baseline is concerned though, that's no longer important, other than knowing you're guaranteeing more use of green energy.