Project Converge FAQs

Answers to common questions about participation in Project Converge

Who is running Project Converge?

Project Converge is being led by Evoenergy, with assistance from the Australian National University (ANU) and Zepben. 

You can see project info from these groups at these links:

What is Reposit's role in Project Converge?

Reposit is an aggregator, enabling residential solar battery systems to be integrated into the project. We act on behalf of our customers to help them earn an extra return on their solar battery investment. Project Converge is an excellent opportunity which enables us to do this for our ACT customers, by combining GridCredits with real-time network needs.

Will I be financially impacted by participating?

Not negatively! Reposit guarantees that no participant will be left financially out-of-pocket for participating in Project Converge.

How much will I earn through GridCredits with Project Converge? 

We aren't sure how often energy systems will respond during the project. It will depend on a number of factors, such as overall energy market stability, local infrastructure conditions, and the needs of the network. We will get a better understanding as we progress through the project and see how different conditions lead to different levels of response. However, for any energy that is used in the Project, you will receive $1.00/kWh in GridCredits.

Do I need to change electricity retailer to participate?

Nope! Project Converge is about helping out the distribution network service provider (DNSP) - in this case, that's Evoenergy. Their role is to operate the physical infrastructure of the entire ACT grid - the poles and wires. Everyone in the ACT who is connected to the electricity grid is connected to the Evoenergy network.

This means that no matter which electricity retailer you are with, you can participate in Project Converge. Your retailer will bill you and provide feed-in credits as normal.

Reposit will pay you the GridCredits your system earns directly - so make sure you have added your payment details in the "settings" section of the Reposit app!

What are the privacy policies applicable to the Project, and how is my data going to be managed?

The data Reposit will be sharing with the research team is:
  • Your property's National Metering Identifier (NMI), which allows the research team to identify which part of the electricity grid you are connected to.
  • Power data which indicates the electrical load/generation at your property, at 5-minute resolution.

With this information, your identity as one of our customers is kept anonymous, but the research team will be able to model what's happening on the distribution network. Evoenergy, being a distribution network service provider, already has access to this information for all ACT households, so no new information is being shared with them.

The only time more information may be shared is if we seek specific feedback from customers - Reposit will reach out to you for this feedback, and will ask your permission if we wish to share information such as your name with the research team.

As always, Reposit manages your data in accordance with our privacy policy, subject to our terms and conditions.

The ANU research team heading up the project has completed an ethics approval process, which governs the storage and sharing of customer data. This is subject to the Information Technology security policy of the ANU. The data retention policy for the project outlines that data will be destroyed at the conclusion of the project in early 2024. 

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