What is pre-charging, and why isn’t my battery pre-charging?

Pre-charging, also known as off-peak charging, is when your battery is recharged from the grid when electricity prices are at their lowest. This often occurs overnight when you’re sleeping so when you get up in the morning you avoid high electricity prices.

Reposit only pre-charges for customers on Time-of-Use(TOU) tariffs and only when it is required. When you’re on a ToU tariff we can prevent your system from drawing from the grid during high electricity prices.

Sometimes your battery won’t pre-charge and this is generally because you are generating enough solar that your battery doesn’t need to be topped up from the Grid. This is especially helpful during winter when solar production dips significantly (regardless of how many panels you have), so moving to a TOU plan will allow your Reposit system to charge your battery overnight at off-peak rates in order to meet usage demand during peak times on days when the Reposit system is predicting that there'll be insufficient solar production the next day. Essentially, the Reposit system is buying low (during off-peak rates) and selling high (to meet your usage during peak times but still avoid peak rates).


The system is not pre-charging the battery overnight?

Please confirm if you are on a TOU tariff. Reposit calculates the pre-charge amount based on numerous variables including cloud coverage, weather forecast, and house consumption pattern, based on which the battery is pre-charged only to the required SOC so you don’t have to draw power from the grid during peak hours.

Can I pre-charge the battery using the Reposit App?

Reposit app doesn't provide any feature that allows customers to manually change the prediction (i.e. expected power outage) or ask the battery to pre-charge at a specific time, as it can disturb the Reposit's prediction algorithm.